Natural evolution

[ SIDIS® ] is our artificial intelligence technology, the product of a natural evolution of our own development that transforms the health information into clinical value.

[ SIDIS® ] offers in real time management of the health information in a timely, healthly and reliable manner. It processes information in unstructural natural language (Natural Language Processing, NLP), and learns from itself on a daily basis through the implementation of different techniques of Big Data and Machine Learning.
[ SIDIS® ] is an artificial intelligence system with Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) neural networks for deep learning, as well as the processes of RBR (Rule Based Reasoning) and CBR (Case Based Reasoning). Its rules are scientifically validated, with a reliable and safe anonymization procedure..

The products and services that have been developed with [SIDIS®] have allowed us to create innovative solution for our clients, covering their needs such as the massive data procedure on CIE-10, the capture of knowledge applied to training and clinical simulation, smart contracts on Blockchain, always in anonymized, reliable and secure environment.